I Heart Moosiq: Trent Reznor and Karen O

I love Karen O and I love Zeppelin, but yet this cover, from the upcoming Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack, just seems too much “Try.”

Maybe it’s the addition of Trent Reznor to the equation that ruins it with too much fuzz and unnecessary clutter. Or maybe it’s just that when you have a song as amazing as Immigrant Song, there’s no way to improve on it so any attempt at re-doing it will come up short. 

We are your overloards.


Here’s the Trent Reznor and Karen O collaboration Immigrant Song in full as it will be on the Girl With a Dragon Tattoo soundtrack. Previous previews were only shorter clips. The song is also not on the free 6 song preview that I posted earlier from NIN’s website. The song is hard,…